D&L Hardware: Professional Manufacturers of metal hardware products!


Qingdao D&L Hardware are a manufacturer of high-quality agricultural machinery parts, metal hardware, building hardware and steel products.

With years of experience manufacturing world-leading agricultural parts and metal hardware at our own factories in Qingdao and Tianjin, we have created a diverse range of popular products to suit your needs.

Our product ranges include

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Agricultural Machinery Parts
We specialise in manufacturing agricultural machinery parts for all popular makes and models of farm machinery. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure hard-wearing, long-lasting products which we proudly export around the world.

Trailer Parts Manufacturer
Manufacturing trailer parts is a core business for us at D & L. We understand that it is not enough just make high-quality and usable product, but one which is secure and safe in use too! Our continued commitment to development and our customers has ensured that D & L are one of the world’s leading trailer parts manufacturers.

Construction Hardware
There is more to a building than bricks and motar, we know this and so do leading construction companies around the world. D & L construction hardware ensures the best possible foundation for any building project big or small. Our complete range of metal hardware products are manufactured to our strict quality control standards using only the best materials.

Wrought Iron Fencing
Wrought Iron Fencing should not only be decorative, but also add a degree of security to the home or garden it encircles. Our blend of traditional design and cutting-edge manufacture ensures long lasting, durable 加拿大快乐8直播:wrought iron fencing in a great looking contemporary package.?

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